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Welcome to Progressive Fitness

Progressive Fitness offers expert coaching and training through One-on-One Individualized Personal Training, Small Group Training, and now Membership Based Group Training Courses. We have been serving the Charleston area for 9 years and are the best place to learn proper technique for StrongFirst Russian Kettlebells, Barbell lifts and Body Weight methods for strength, performance and resilience.

Give us a call at 843-225-6622 or drop in today if you want to try a different approach and are ready for fun, challenging way to become a leaner, stronger, more resilient version of you.

Our courses are as follows:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
6:00a Kettlebell   BodyWeight   Kettlebell
12:00p Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed
4:00p         BodyWeight
5:30p BodyWeight   Kettlebell    

These courses will consist primarily Russian Kettlebell and BodyWeight Strength and Conditioning. Our intention is to add additional times as the demand grows, including Barbell Strength and Mixed Conditioning Courses. We will continue to offer personal training and small group training during the non-class times by appointment.


Initial 50 Special

Call or come by today and take advantage of special membership pricing.

The first 50 members get a year membership for only $110 per month with no signup fee! Spaces are filling up so act fast.


12 Month
Unlimited Group Training Contract

$130 /mo
(reccured billing)
$75 enrollment Fee
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3 Month
Unlimited Group Training Contract

$140 /mo
$75 enrollment Fee
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Unlimited Group Training Contract

$150 /mo
$75 enrollment Fee
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